TAJ is the official representative of the Chinese company MONCO. We offer you high pressure laminate (HPL) used in furniture manufacturing.

MONCO HPL is used as a finish in furniture manufacturing (kitchen top surfaces, furniture facings, bar stands etc.). HPL is also used for the wall and interior decorations. We are offering:

  • 50 varieties;
  • sheet size: 1220×2440mm;
  • sheet thickness 0.6mm and 0.5mm;
  • most of the products have a protecting film;
  • possible sizes 1300×3050mm, 1220×1220mm, thickness 0.5—1mm and 1.5—10mm for the compact HPL;
  • over 1000 varieties with different surfaces (opaque, glossy, shagreen, pearl, wood pore) are available.



For receiving the password, please, contact us by phone: (8422) 55-46-39, 55-46-60

Есть в наличии — in stock.

Нет в наличии — out of stock.

Выводится из складской программы — to be discontinued.

Wooden gloss

Wooden mat ones

Mono-coloured glossy metallics

One colour glossy

One colour opaque

Fancy gloss

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