"TAJ" — is a young and successful company. It has been working on the Russian market for over six years, selling high quality high pressure laminate (HPL) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) films.

A wide variety of products, different kinds of HPL, new films with the unique shagreen surface and high quality products corresponding to the requirements of the international standards – are our advantages.

The main activity of our company is the distribution of the PVC films and HPL. Successful partnerships of the company with the major Russian clients led us to gain a significant part of the market. The sales process is based on the most  favourable conditions for the client, including discounts and different delivery options.

TAJ is a unique possibility for the development of the exclusive decorative solutions for each client ranging from the choice of the colour to the individual film stamping.

TAJ — making difference!

(8422) 55-46-39 (tel./fax)

432031, Russia, Ulyanovsk,
Akademika Saharova str., 1а
Tel.: 55-46-60
E-mail: info@taj-ul.ru

Tel.: (495) 221-57-88

117420, Russia, Moscow,
Nametkina str., 10А, building 1, office 16
Tel.: 221-57-89

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